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What Do You Get When You Hire Double Shot Audio?

What can you expect when hiring our team to create sound and music for your game? What services do we bring to the table and how will they benefit you?

Keep reading to find out. (Spoiler Alert - it's gonna be good!)

You've got questions? We've got answers.

What Do You Get?

Sound Effects

First things first; we will bring your game's world to life with sound.

Footsteps, ambience, creature sounds, magic spells, whatever.

If it needs a sound, we will create it. And we will tweak it until you are happy.

We are here not only to make high-quality sound effects but also to design them in a way that supports the gameplay and makes your game more fun.


Music shapes a player’s emotional reaction to your game.

Whether you need chiptune or a full orchestra, we will work with you until the music perfectly sets the scene and immerses your players in the world you created for them.

Unless specifically requested, all music will be created by us, with most instruments being virtual. We are also happy to advise you as to when and why it might be better to record real musicians for part of your game's soundtrack.

Audio Programming

Why not wake up with sound already in your game?

We will fully implement all sound and music into your game and, if not already there, will create an audio system that manages all assets properly and optimizes performance for your chosen platform(s).

This saves you and your programmers precious time and is generally the best choice for the game's sound as a whole.

Because we design our sound with the technical aspects of your game already in mind, we know how things need to work and can immediately implement and test without having to wait on builds or risk any functionality being lost in communication.

We've got your back end.

Our tech crew hard at work on your game

Finalizing the Sound

We stay with your game until the end.

Only once all audio assets are properly placed in the game can one do the final tweaking that takes a jumble of sounds and makes them a cohesive game sound experience.

We aren't finished until that experience is perfect.

Basically, you're stuck with us. :)


On top of all our regular services, you also get our input and feedback.

We will happily advise you on any technical questions, best practices for game audio, musical direction, and anything else that can impact the success of your game.

Better communication means a better game.

We'll be here to help wherever we can to make sure everything is the highest quality possible.

We will do whatever is necessary to make sure your game is excellent.

What's NOT Included?

Here are a few things not included in our standard services.

But don't worry, these services can be provided upon request.


Finding the right voice actors can be a tricky job depending on the number of characters in your game and the scale of their dialogue. This is why many studios have now been founded to deal exclusively with voiceovers for games.

Voice acting pro at work

If your game has characters that need to be professionally voiced in multiple languages, we can reach out to one of our partner studios on your behalf and help organize the finding and recording of appropriate voice actors.

If you only have a few characters with English or German text, we can discuss providing that for you directly.

Just let us know what situation you're in and we'll be happy to advise you.

Additional Content

Downloadable content (DLC) and/or sequels are not included in the original price unless specifically stated. If you want to release additional content for your game after the original release, we are more than happy to prepare a new offer for you.

Check our article on Licensing Sound & Music for Your Game for more detailed info on what usage rights you have when purchasing custom audio assets from us.

Last But Not Least

We love our job and take it very seriously, but we're also here to have fun, meet cool people, and make games we can be proud of.

It's a real treat to meet new teams and collaborate with them on a project, but even more satisfying is building a great relationship with a group of people you get to know, respect, and trust and seeing that relationship blossom and grow through multiple projects.

Until now, the developers we've worked with have turned into repeat customers and, if we may be so cheesy, our good friends. That's exactly the way we like it. We're not in this simply for the transaction of audio assets for money.

We want to be your partner for life.

At Double Shot Audio we know you want to make unique and memorable games.

In order to do that, you need to partner with an audio team that understands your vision and can translate it into great sound.

That's where we come in.

We will work with you; turning your vision into a finished, polished game that you feel proud of and that you and your fans can enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Want to learn more? Schedule a Call. We're happy to answer any and all of your questions.