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The Game Audio Process and Timeline

What does the process look like after hiring us and how do we go from being strangers to celebrating the release of your game together as a team?

Below you'll find a detailed explanation of our process from start to finish.

Your roadmap for great game audio

The Process

STEP 1 | Schedule a Call

If you haven't already, schedule a call and tell us what you’re working on.

We want to get to know you and understand your project in detail before any further steps can be made.

STEP 2 | Proposal

Once we've discussed the details of your game, we'll send you a custom proposal for the creative and technical needs of your game's audio.

The proposal will give you an overview of the specific services you've requested, what is and isn't included, the investment, our terms & conditions, and your next steps.

Will you work with us?

If no next steps have been taken after a reasonable amount of time (usually 1-2 months), the proposal will expire and will no longer be valid.

STEP 3 | Deposit

Once you've looked over everything and agreed that Double Shot Audio is your best option, you can sign that proposal and we will send you an invoice for a 25-50% deposit, depending on the size of your project.

No dates are guaranteed on our calendar until a deposit has been paid. There are no exceptions to this rule*.

*If we didn't have this rule, our calendar would be booked solid for the next 12 months, and 50% of the projects would likely fall off the face of the earth with no explanation.

Don't worry, we'll discuss the exact amount of your deposit with you before any invoices arrive.

STEP 4 | Schedule & Further Payments

Once the deposit has been paid, we'll discuss specific dates and milestones for the project that fit both of our schedules.

We've worked on enough projects to know that starting on certain aspects of the audio too early or too late can lead to unnecessary stress.

We'll work together with your team to create a clear plan for the creation, implementation, and finalization of the game's audio.

STEP 5 | Files

After the schedule has been hammered out, you'll want to send us any and all documentation related to your game.

This could include any plans, design documents, spreadsheets, etc. that you have created during the development process. If this is on Google Drive or another similar platform, you can just give us access.

We can't make great sound and music with only a superficial understanding of your game.

We want to fundamentally understand the concepts and design aspirations you have for your game before making even one single sound effect.

Also, if you can point to any reference projects (games or otherwise) that display certain musical or sonic elements you'd like your game to have, definitely send us that as well.

STEP 6 | Project Access

We can't implement the sound without access to your project.

Have whoever is in charge of your version control software contact us and we will get things set up for a buttery-smooth workflow.

Even if you aren't hiring us to do the implementation, it's still faster and better for us to upload assets directly into your project instead of Dropboxing them or sending them over WeTransfer.

We can also test the sound in-game more easily this way. No tedious sending of endless builds back and forth just to see if the footsteps are loud enough.

Let's avoid the headache and get that project access rolling.

STEP 7 | Communication

Once we officially get to work, we will spend the bulk of our time making sound and music for your game as well as implementing it into your project.

However, questions are bound to pop up from time to time.

Due to the sheer size and complexity of most games, a channel for quick and easy communication is a must.

If your team already has Slack, Discord, or some other platform for internal communication, please invite us to join.

STEP 8 | Revisions

Some games have hundreds or even thousands of sounds and maybe more than an hour of music. We don't expect to hit the nail on the head that many times in a row.

Included for free are 3 rounds of revisions on any asset.

The revision process typically goes like this:

1 | At the beginning of the project, we set up a spreadsheet for all sounds involved in your game.

2 | During the process of sound creation we ask that you don't request many revisions until sounds start becoming playable in the game. In game audio, many sounds lack context until they are implemented so providing feedback too early often doesn't make sense. Music is usually the only exception to that rule.

3 | Once sounds are implemented, you can use our spreadsheet to tag sounds that you'd like revised and leave comments on what specific changes you would like us to make.

4 | Rinse and repeat for revision rounds 2 and 3.

By revision round 3, 99% of developers have sound/music they're happy with. If you still need additional revisions, we reserve the right to charge a flat hourly fee for further work on those assets.

Note: Additional rounds of revisions are, obviously, always FREE if they are needed to correct an error of our own making! Revisions are also not counted until the sound or music is conceptually on the right path (i.e. you agree that it's the right kind of sound/music and it only needs minor tweaking to finish)

STEP 9 | Final Product

We did it! The game is finished!

Everything is functioning flawlessly and it looks and sounds great!

Did we hear some say "champagne"?

Just don't get the mics wet, please!

That's It!

Making a great game is hard work.

We're committed to simplifying and streamlining the process wherever and whenever possible so that you and your team can focus on creating an awesome game and not waste time and energy on unnecessary busy-work or avoidable confusion.

We value transparency and clear, honest communication, which is why we've posted our entire process here for everyone to see.

If you have any further questions about us or our process, let us know.

At Double Shot Audio we know you want to make unique and memorable games.

In order to do that, you need to partner with an audio team that understands your vision and can translate it into great sound.

That's where we come in.

We will work with you; turning your vision into a finished, polished game that you feel proud of and that you and your fans can enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Want to learn more? Schedule a Call. We're happy to answer any and all of your questions.